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The Pacific Nations Cup (Pacific Nations Cup) is a rugby union competition from one of World Rugby’s (formerly IRB’s) World Rugby Development Programs. June. Thus, with regard to the Pacific Ocean region and its periphery, an annual tournament is set up between six teams from the Pacific and North America: Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Japan, United States and Canada. At first, Australia A (Australian Reserve Team, in 2007 and 2008) and a New Zealand team (the Junior All Blacks, New Zealand Reserve Team, in 2006, 2007 and 2009 or the New Zealand Māori Zeeland in 2008) participated in the competition. The North Americans joined the tournament in 2013. He took over from the Pacific Five Nations (2006), which had successively taken over from the Pacific Tri-Nations (1982-2005). Enjoy Tonga vs Fiji Live Stream.

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Three Pacific countries threaten to boycott 2019 World Cup

This is an article in The New Zealand Herald that triggered the hostilities. The newspaper reveals that the governing body of world rugby is working on a “World League”. It would be launched by 2020 and would bring together twelve nations of the oval:
those participating in the Six Nations Tournament (France, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Italy), those of the current Rugby Championship (the competition between the four great nations of the southern hemisphere: New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Argentina), plus Japan and the United States.

All these teams would meet at least once in the year and the top four would then be in the semi-finals before a grand final, modeled on the UEFA League of Nations Football League.

Such a system would exclude Pacific nations (Fiji, Samoa, Tonga) for a period of at least 10 years, teeming with talented players but surviving with limited financial means.

According to The New Zealand Herald, a broadcaster, whose name has not been announced, submitted an offer of between 6 and 8.5 million euros per year and per participating federation.

The exclusion of Fiji, Tonga and Samoa from a closed World League would “have a huge impact” on the development of rugby in these archipelagos, says Pacific Rugby Players boss Aayden Clarke. “We are going to have players who will not participate in the tests to sign three or four year contracts with clubs in France or the United Kingdom.”

For its part, the association that defends the interests of players from the Pacific, Pacific Player Welfare, publishes a statement (link in English) in which it mentions a possible boycott of the 2019 World Cup to be held in 2019 to Japan.

The “big” nations of Pacific rugby react with embarrassment. “The tournament model should provide Pacific Island countries and other developing countries with the opportunity to continue to develop and compete with Tier 1 countries,” said Raelene Castle, Executive Director of the Australian Federation, who said assured to support the project but insisted that no format had yet been decided.

The same goes, officially, on the side of New Zealand: “Any new competition must be accessible to developing countries, including our neighbors in the Pacific,” said its executive director Steve Tew according to which it is the same. of the “integrity” of the competition.

In the face of controversy, World Rugby tries to kick in touch. The world federation behind the project issued a statement stating that “the number of games played and the development of emerging nations are at the heart” of the discussions on the future international competition.

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